Private Label Candles!

That's right! We are now in the manufacturing game. We are manufacturing soy wax candles for hotels, spas, retail shops, and yoga studios across the land. Its a very simple process, BUT it starts with YOU wanting to grow YOUR BRAND. 

When I say the process is easy, it REALLY is:

First Step: We make the candles after you have selected the scent. 

Second Step: We ship the candles to you with a box or lid to accompany it. 

Third Step: You put your label on the candle and the box, just like CUSP by Neiman Marcus in Chicago did. 

Fourth Step: Put them on the shelf and start selling them. 

See, I told you so. It really is that simple. Our turn around time is fairly quick, so you can be selling your own branded candles in no time. 

PS. These are an easy up sell when sitting next to the register. 



Marc GaskinsComment