Will a Cannabis Candle get you high?

The quick answer: NO. That would be illegal in many states, and I am not even sure how that would work. 

However, this candle was crept up as one of our favorites! 

This candle is very sweet in its floral notes. The aroma lends itself more to a budding flower than it does to Bud itself. I suppose its best to leave any description of this scent up to the oil distributors:

"In this fragrance oil by Natures Garden, shimmering green fern and cannabis notes unfold to reveal a rich floral accord of violet and gardenia in this fantasy scent. A warm blend of cashmere wood surrounds the floralcy, while sensual undertones of musk and golden amber soften the scent from within."

Sounds like a winner to me. Our amazing sales team in Columbia, SC has made this our #1 seller. Columbia, SC loves this candle! 

You can find it here on Amazon! 


Marc GaskinsComment