Candles for your Wedding? Of course, we can do that!

Engaged, Getting Engaged, Eloping, or Just Celebrating Life? We can light up the event for you!

Some of our friends asked us to help them with some Wedding Favors. I informed them that we could do our 5oz candle, and it would be the perfect gift to take away from the wedding weekend. How cool is that every time your friends and family light their candle, they are once again toasting your awesome day? 

Interested? The process is very simple:

1. Contact Us with some details -- Wedding Date, number of candles needed, deadline date, scent(s), etc. We have our staple scents, but can send you a list to choose from. 

2. Make labels -- you can use the format that you see on this photo, or use your own. You will want to double the amount of labels if you want boxes. Why? We will need to put a label on the candle AND the box. We have a company we use in Denver, CO right now for our labels. They do a great job.

3. Mail us the labels -- We will have the candles made, label them up, then ship to you. If you are local to Charleston, or surrounding areas, we can just drop them off. 

Ready, Set, Go! Next Step, Shoot us a message here!



Marc GaskinsComment