Custom Candle Wedding Favors!

Wedding planning can be exhausting. FLAT OUT EXHAUSTING! Sound familiar? I bet it does. 

Recently, our friends, who are getting married, gave us the honor of hand crafting their candle wedding favors. They look pretty cool, right? Imagine your name on them! 

Our 5oz candles are the perfect gift to take away from the wedding weekend. Isn't that a great gift for your guests? Its the gift that keeps on giving. 

Every time your friends and family light their candle, they are once again toasting your Big Day. Isn't that exciting? 

The process is very simple. Are you ready to get started?

If so, here is a shortcut to our Etsy Store. All details are there!

We have to set a quantity at 24 for accurate shipping to show in the Etsy store. We can work with you on your exact number. 

Cheers & Congrats!


Marc GaskinsComment