The Struggle of 1 Star Reviews

If you are a business that relies on reviews, then you know how infuriating it is to get a "petty" 1 star review. My most recent one was "item arrived damaged, but the present taker decided to keep it anyway". WTF, man? I sell GLASS candles. There is always a chance with GLASS, that it could break in shipping. We are an FBA seller on Amazon. Meaning, they handle all of our shipping. From the moment it leaves our warehouse until it gets to the customers door, it is on Amazon's UPS label. We didn't even ship this item to the customer. Yet, in Amazon's eyes, this review is allowed to stay on our record. We tried to fight it, but lost our appeal. Talk about adding insult to injury. "Its not your fault, but take the blame anyways."

My immediate reaction was a string of 4 letter words. I HATE, I mean really HATE to see a 1 star review. Why? I know that we produce a quality product. How? I hand sell these candles every week to people who love what we do. Their words of positivity have shown me this. Is it a skewed collection of people? Maybe so. I am still a one man operation. I literally touch every single step in the process of making this candle, all the way down to hand polishing the glassware before boxing it up. I am sure the customer isn't thinking about how hard I work to make these candles, when it arrives broken. They are just upset it isn't functional upon arrival.  I also don't think the customer understands how much a 1 star review for shipping damage, can damage a small brand on Amazon. 

So, how do you handle it? I emailed the customer saying I would like to fix this, either by sending another candle or offering instructions to return it. I have not received a response yet. I also reply to the review, not in an angry way to the customer, but in turn, I speak to all future customers explaining that if they receive a broken glass candle to immediately return it. We can have another shipped out immediately. I could care less about responding to the actual reviewer. I want anyone in the future to know that we are here in case this happens to them. 

A "petty" 1 star review is a tough pill to swallow, but I have to constantly remind myself that I have to focus on the things I can control. You have to put that review in the rear view mirror and keep charging ahead. Go get ten 5 star reviews to counter it. Use that review as fuel to your fire. Nothing gets me more fired up to kick some ass than seeing someone attack our brand. Of course, I can only turn that HATE to PASSION once the last of the 4 letter words has flown out of my mouth. Luckily for me, that transition is very fast. It has to be if you want to continue moving forward. 


Marc Gaskins