Why Do You Sell on Amazon?

Amazon has many advantages for a small business like ourselves. For us, a Prime Seller on Amazon, we have the ability to warehouse our products with Amazon. This makes it much easier for the Customer to select a product and have it shipped out almost immediately. It also allows for easy returns, exchanges, customer service, and all around ease of transaction. If you add up the amount of time and money it would take us to fulfill orders in the capacity that Amazon does, its a no brainer. Amazon also opens the door for us to reach an insane amount(millions) of customers. 

Amazon is our largest customer at this point, outselling our retail stores by a good margin. I love our retail shops that we have partnered with. The ones that tend to sell the best, and haven't closed their doors, are hotel boutique shops. The beauty of these type of stores is that they are attached to an anchor like a hotel. We have had 30% of our retail stores close their doors since the start of the year (2017). All signs are pointing for us to Focus on Amazon right now. 

Feel free to ask me any questions about selling on Amazon. 

Until next time...here is the link to our Amazon store. 

Amazon Store


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